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Whitstable Art Galleries

Whitstable’s Top Three Galleries

Whitstable is a haven for art lovers, and boasts a number of boutique and independent galleries you should be sure to check out, showcasing an array of wonderful local talent.

The Horsebridge Centre

The heart of the local creative community, The Horsebridge Centre features two galleries: The Somerset Maugham Gallery, a large ground floor gallery and Gallery 2, another ground floor gallery with a shop front window. Both galleries offer a number of new exhibitions each month, showcasing both local and international talent, meaning another visit is always worthwhile. The Horsebridge Centre also shows a number of films, and hosts some fantastic stand-up comedians and live theatre performances.


Check out this video of Stephen Hornsby-Smith at The Horsebridge Centre Whitstable

The Chappell Contemporary Gallery

The Chappell Contemporary Gallery is a boutique gallery exhibiting work by both emerging and established artists, providing support to Whitstable’s vibrant and thriving art scene alongside the town’s numerous pop-up spaces, community arts centres and traditional galleries. Opening last year on Oxford Street, this chic modern gallery specialises in signed limited edition prints and unique originals. A range of prints, original paintings and sculptures are available for purchase, and early 2016 sees exhibitions by Rachel Ann Stevenson and Yuki Aruga.


Check out artist Lauren Barker in Whitstable at Chappell Contemporary Gallery

The Fishslab Gallery

Based in a former fishmongers (hence the name) The Fishslab Gallery on Oxford Street is a non-profit, voluntary organisation, showcasing the very best in local, original artwork. Each week a new artist takes on the role of curator, meaning there’s always something new to see, and leading to the gallery’s motto: ‘fresh art weekly’.


Check out this video of PEG Valentine’s in Whitstable at The Fishslab Gallery