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Top 5 Attractions in Whitstable

Are you thinking of visiting Whitstable, check out list of the top 5 sites to see!

1.0 Whitstable Castle – Constructed by the Pearson family in the 1790s, Whitstable Castle, or Tankerton Towers as it’s otherwise known, is a wonderful example of mid-period georgian architecture situated on the seafront just a short walk from the harbour. The exquisite grounds are cultivated year round, and the Orangey Tea Rooms are a the perfect place to stop in for a lovely cuppa.

2.0 Harbour Street – With a higher percentage of independent retailers of any high street in the UK, Harbour Street embodies Whitstable’s quirky, slightly bohemian charm with it’s charming array of boutiques, shops and restaurants.

Top 5 Sites in Whitstable

3.0 The Harbour – The heart of Whitstable isn’t just a tourist attraction, and remains a working Harbour to this day. The harbour nowadays is a great destination for a seaside day out, or a trip to sample some of Whitstable’s world-renowned seafood, whether humble fish and chips or Whitstable’s famously delicious oysters.

Top Sites in Whitstable

4.0 Whitstable Seafront – With its authentic, picturesque charm, setting foot on Whitstable’s iconic seafront is like stepping into a postcard from a bygone era. The pebble beaches are divided by wooden groins, and lined by the famous Whitstable fisherman’s huts, giving the beach a traditional English feel.

Top 5 Sites in Whitstable

5.0 Fisherman’s Huts – And these huts themselves certainly merit closer inspection. These black clapboard fisherman’s huts, or ‘stores’ as the town’s fishermen, yachtsmen and blacksmiths would have referred to them, these large and impressive buildings have become synonymous with the name ‘Whitstable’.

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